Abstinence Education:

In 2011 LSM had a mission team whose primary mission was to share the message of Abstinence in the public schools. We spoke with thousands of teens in that week and because of the impact that was made, the principles ask us to come back. This invitation was the start of the abstinence ministry in the local schools and from that was the birth of a vision for the Pregnancy Resource center.

When we ask the students how many of them knew someone living HIV, over half the room raised their hands. Because of the problem with prostitution here in the DR, the statistics for sexually transmitted diseases would blow your mind. When we ask how many of them knew a teenage girl who was pregnant, everyone raised their hand….

Pregnancy Resource Center:

In 2012 LSM started the very first Pregnancy Resource Center in the Dominican Republic.

  • The Dominican Republic has the highest rate of teen age pregnancy out of all the Caribbean.
  • Over 50% of teens are having sex before the age of 15.
  • And nearly 80% of those girls having sex will become pregnant.

The abortion situation in the Dominican Republic is unique. Although, technically, abortion is illegal and there are no “advertised” abortion clinics, there are Doctors who readily will perform the service for a small fee, the pharmacy’s will distribute misoprostol (which can be used to abort) without a prescription, and the poorest of the poor regularly resort to taking small dosages of insecticide and poisons to cause miscarriage.

And with the Dominican Republic being the 4th worst country in the World for human trafficking, the Pregnancy Resource center will not only save lives it will help to prevent human trafficking.

Small Business Ministry:

This part of the ministry is about giving people a “hand up” not a “hand out”. We currently have 2 families who have been helped through this ministry. Once we identify a family that qualifies for this opportunity, we counsel with them and see what their passion and desires are, so that we can see what the best fit will be for them. We then give the family a small business loan, interest free, that can be paid back over the course of three years. This not only helps them achieve their dreams but it also teaches them responsibility and accountability by requiring that they give LSM a financial report each and every month, giving us the opportunity to fine tune the business and see where changes need to be made.


Short Term Mission Teams:

The goal of LSM is to provide Christians from all over the US and Canada the opportunity to Live Sent for Jesus Christ here in the Dominica Republic. It is also our goal to reach the people of the DR for Jesus Christ. Our teams will do any of the following activities while here on their week long mission and everything will include evangelism:

  • Women’s ministry outreach
  • Construction
  • Medical missions
  • Training/Presentations in health issues, spiritual issues, and life issues
  • Training in job skills
  • ESL classes
  • VBS
  • Sports camps
  • Sewing classes
  • Special presentations to youth about sex and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Crisis Pregnancy Center activities

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