teen pregnancy

Over 13 years ago, God gave me(Melissa) an opportunity to minister in a Crisis pregnancy center for the first time. At that time, I was looking for where the Lord wanted me to serve Him. What better place than in a crisis pregnancy center? I could relate to these girls, because I had experienced my own crisis pregnancies. I knew, then, that this is where God wanted to use me to serve Him. I was a peer counselor and also walked women through a post abortion Bible study. It was a very rewarding time in my life! Or coarse, my children were very young then and I was limited to how much I could do. But, it has been interesting to see how God has put people in my path, over the years, that I can minister to, who are experiencing or who have experienced a crisis pregnancy. The facts are: 1 out of every 4 women have had an abortion. Those are pretty high statistics! There are a lot of hurting women and men out there.


teen-pregnancyBefore we excepted the call to move to the Dominican Republic, I was praying about volunteering at our local Crisis Pregnancy Center again. But then we started planning for our move. At the time I didn’t understand why God would lay it on my heart to start ministering at the CPC, again, only to bring us to the DR. Well now I get it! God knew all along that He was going to use our family to start a Pregnancy Center here. I can not tell you how overwhelmed we are and how honored we are that God would choose us to accomplish something so BIG! There are so many days when I still wonder HOW? How will God do it? How can He use someone like me? I’m so far from perfect or even good, it isn’t even funny…. and there a lot of people out there who can tell you that! LOL But one thing I do know, from experience, is that God uses imperfect and ordinary people just like me to accomplish great things! I don’t know why He uses people like me, but I am thankful. And what ever good things I do in this life will be because of God; not because of anything I’ve done. It is all Him!!! It will be by His strength and His power! The fact is, I am weak! But, as Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:10b, “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” My prayer is that I will decrease and that God will increase in my life.

Never let the enemy dupe you into thinking that God couldn’t use someone like you. If He can use me, He can use anybody! As believers, we are ALL called to live “Sent”. (John 20:21) Ask God to show you where He wants to use you? He will show you…

Here’s the thing…. We can’t accomplish this big task without you! You may be thinking…”What can I do?” “I can’t come to the Dominican Republic to help!” “I don’t have a lot of money!” “What could I possible do to help you?”

Here’s a list of ways you can help…


2013 was the BIG YEAR. The Center is now open and more and more clients come every week.  It has taken between $20,000- $30,000 to get the Center up and running, and it will take over $4000 a month to keep the doors open, and that’s not even counting all the supplies for the mommy and me room. You can see how we can’t do this without you! Please pray about becoming a partner with us here in the Dominican Republic, and feel free to call us anytime: 615-206-7017