There are many ways that you can help….

  1. Sign up to receive our newsletter.

  2. Become an electronic monthly Partner in LIFE. This is our greatest need! The faithfulness of our Partners in LIFE, sets us free to focus on ministry, not fundraising.
  3. . You can make a one time donation to help with the monthly expenses and supplies needed to run the ministry.
  4. Help families start small businesses to bring them up out of poverty. Businesses range anywhere from mobile cafes to selling clothes and anything in between. Once we identify a prospective family, we start the process of finding out their strengths and passions. Once the financial resources are in place we help the family get everything started and walk them through their first few months. These projects are small business loans that are interest free. This teaches the family accountability and responsibility. The average cost per business project is $1500. You can give electronically to these projects!

  5. Give a Life Basket by clicking here. Click here to see photos of each of our baskets. Every young woman will receive a basket of goodies before they have their baby and our patners are the ones who make this happen. You can give one time or choose to give a life basket each month. It’s your choice…
  6. Join our intercessory prayer team. We need your prayers all the time, but there are certian times that we have specific prayer needs.  For example, if we have a young girl come to the center that is abortion minded, we will send you a very short email asking you to approach the throne of God on her behalf. We need our prayer partners to join us in this battle. This is a very real Spiritual battle that we are in and we need your help. Email us at and let us know to add you to this group.
  7. Donate your slightly used baby clothes and maternity clothes. (See a list of items needed and our mailing address here.)
  8. Have a baby bottle fundraiser at your church. Because the Pregnancy Center is located in a third world country, we do not have access to the resources that most center’s do in the States. Having a baby bottle fundraiser at your church can help us accompish our finacial needs with out the expense of traveling to the states and holding a fundraising banquet. Email us at for more details.

  9. Come on a short term mission trip. See the mission trip page for details.