*Items needed for the Pregnancy Center: (*items are most needed)

*Diapers size new born-4



Maternity clothes

*Baby clothes size newborn-9 months (sleepers and outfits)

Baby bottles

*Burp clothes


*Diaper bags


Baby blankets

*Baby powder (small )

*Baby lotion (small)

Desitin/ diaper ointment

*Baby wash (small)

Baby spoons

*Baby fingernail clippers/ grooming kits

Baby shoes

Sippy cups

Baby slings

Flip flops for mom’s

Tooth brushes for mom’s

*Tooth paste

Soap for mom’s

*Deodorant for mom’s

Needs for ministry:

•Spanish Bibles

•French Bibles

•Creole Bibles

•Tracks in Spanish, French and Creole

•Children’s Tylenol

•Prenatal Vitamins

•Fabric for sewing girl’s dresses, thread and ribbon. (All for the sewing ministry.)


Thank you for your help with these items. It makes our job a lot easier when we can provide the people with the things they need most. May God bless you for your generous donations! Please send these items along with $1.75 per pound in a card inside the package(for shipping cost on this end) to our Agape Flights address below!


Tony and Melissa Luther
 C/O Agape Flights
 STI# 25483
 100 Airport Ave.
 Venice, FL 34285