2016 Transition

2016 is the Year of Transition 

2016 marks 6 years that the Luther family have been serving in the Dominican Republic. God has done some amazing things over that 6 years…

Started a church in a village
Shared the gospel with thousands of people
Seen well over 1000 people give their lives to Jesus
Started an abstinence education ministry in the local schools
Started the first ever Pregnancy Resource Center in the Dominican Republic
Reached over 400 women with the gospel through the PRC
Led numerous men’s and […]


Central Baptist Mission Team

We are always so grateful for our friends at Central Baptist Hendersonville, TN. They have been coming for a couple of years now to help and serve with us here in the Dominican Republic. This church may be small but it is mighty. This year, they helped us by building a chicken coop for a local community as well as holding VBS and helping me at the Pregnancy Center. We saw many come to the Lord and lives were changed! […]


October Was a BIG Month!

October has flown by because we have been so busy! I love to be busy! We started out by welcoming Bill and Beth Dinwiddie and their 3 kids to the island for the whole month. It has been such a joy to have them here! They were such a blessing to not only the Dominican people that they ministered to, but also to our family. With our kids being so much older than Franklin, he hasn’t had much contact with children […]

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The Salon Training Center

The king ·loves [L desires; longs for] your beauty.
Because he is your ·master [lord], you should ·obey [L bow yourself before] him. Psalm 45:11 (EXB)

We are preparing to start the hair cutting and styling classes in mid September. We have several of our clients who cannot wait to learn. At the Pregnancy Center we have about 130 clients in our program, and with the Dominican Republic being the 4th worst country in the world for human trafficking, these girls are at a […]






August 1st, Leah and I (Melissa) will be making a trip to the States. We will be there for 1 month and while I am there I will be cutting hair to raise what is hopefully the last of the money that we will need for Franklin’s adoption. We have been through some hard times the last few month. You can read all about that in the last blog.  Here are the details about this upcoming event.

More Than a Haircut, It’s an […]


More Adoption News….

It has been a while since I have posted an update on Franklin’s adoption. The main reason is that we have been through some incredibly hard months with the process and to be real honest, we just didn’t know if it was going to be a good outcome.

To get everyone up to speed, last September we began working with an adoption agency called Lifeline Children’s Services out of Birmingham, AL. At the beginning they felt fairly confident that we could […]


The Two March Teams

This past month has been very busy with 2 teams. The first team in March was a women’s ministry team from First Baptist Hendersonville. 10 incredible women who really impacted lives in the short time they were here. They gave our volunteers here at the Pregnancy Center a special event to show them how appreciated they are for their service. This team also conducted women’s conferences here at the PRC and in 5 different villages showing the women how special […]


The New Addition to the Pregnancy Center

It is hard to believe how much God has done in such a small amount of time! This time last year we opened the doors of the First Pregnancy Center in the Dominican Republic and just this past week we had a team of four men come to add on to our space; giving us a 3rd counseling room, a large resource room, a training space for computer and English classes and a training space to teach the girls how to […]


First Year Completed

It is hard to believe that it has been one year since we opened the doors of the Pregnancy Center! We have seen God do so much in one year. This time last year, we would have never dreamed that God would have brought over 150 girls to the pregnancy center in one years time! Just today we had the privilege of leading yet another young girl to Christ. Here are just a few pics of some of […]

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Update on Franklin’s Adoption

The past 6 months have been a whirl wind with all the adoption stuff. As I have posted in a previous post, we have had some changes in our adoption of Franklin. You can check out that post for the details. As for what has been happening over the last 3 months…..

Once we realized that we needed to partner with an adoption agency and that it would require us to come up with a lot more money, I will admit […]