Team First Baptist Hendersonville, October 2013

It is always special to have teams come from our home church, Hendersonville First Baptist! After being in the States for nearly 2 months it was refreshing to come back to the DR only days before this team arrived. While I (Melissa) have been in the States cutting hair and raising money for Franklin’s adoption (more on that in the next post), Tony has been here working hard to prepare for this team. We helped a little Haitian Baptist church […]

July Team

Summer Mission Teams

This summer has been crazy busy! So far we have had 5 short term mission teams and we still have 4 to go this fall…. So to recap the year so far, we had a team in March that did water filtration systems and a camp in the afternoon with some kids. We had a medical team that saw several hundred patients and did 20 surgeries. We had another team that did water filtration systems and some construction. We had […]

team photo

Scottsville Baptist Team

We just had an incredible week with a group from Scottsville Baptist church in KY. With a team of 7, they handed out 90 water filtration systems, installed a new bath room in a church in La Union, and led 10 people to the Lord… It doesn’t get much better than that! We want to take this time to thank some very special people. First of all, we want to thank the donors who donated the money to buy the […]

medical team

Medical/Surgical Team

It has taken me a little longer to post than usual about this last team, because we have had another robbery. The day before the team arrived a man came into our house while we were at home and stole both our laptops and my purse. This has all been very difficult, but I can’t help but think that we must be a real threat to Satan, because he seems to be coming at us from all angles.

Enough about all […]


March 2013 Water Filtration Mission Team

This past week flew by. It always does when we have a team in. We had the privilege of having 3 churches represented¬†by this incredible team of 12 fabulous people. Each team is always made up different personalities and different gifting’s. This team was very special to us, because it was not only made up of these different qualities, but most of the people on the team have known Tony and I for many years and have seen how God […]


New Moms

Every week we have a client and sometimes 2 who are ready to have their baby. Most of the time a C section is scheduled for these girls…. That’s just the way it rolls in this country. All these girls have worked really hard to earn the points needed to receive items from the mommy and me room. Living Sent Missions is NOT a “hand-out” ministry. Each girl must come each week to her class/counseling session and many of them […]


A Very Special Thank You!

We are always amazed at how God provides for Living Sent Missions and all the people we minister to. We want to take the time to thank some special people who wanted to make a good use of their vacation. When you are thinking about taking a vacation, most people aren’t thinking about how God can use them on their vacation….. but a group of people who work for a company called Novartis didn’t want to waste an opportunity to […]


With Growth Come Dilemmas

We are so excited to see God working in the Pregnancy center the way He is. We are now up to almost 20 clients… WOW! God is good! These girls are so excited about the program and the things that they are learning. One of the clients was watching an educational video the other day and was learning so much. She would say, “I didn’t know that!” And she already has 2 children… Another client, when she first started coming, […]


Dreams Destroyed, Hope Restored!

A 23 year old young woman comes to the Pregnancy Center……

Her life has been more difficult than most of us could ever imagine. As a young teen, she became pregnant just like over 78% of girls having sex in this country. By the time she was 21, she has had 2 abortions in a country where abortion is illegal, and two children who don’t even live with her. In fact, they live in Haiti with her sister. This is another common assurance among young mothers who don’t have the ability to take care of their children. Often times, other family member take that role from them.

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It’s a New Year!

It is hard to believe that 2013 will be our third year here in the Dominican Republic. When we moved here three years ago, we would have never dreamed that God would have done all that He has. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know everything there is to know about God, but what I will tell you is, He is good all the time, even when times are dark or cloudy. As we came to the end of 2012, we were reflecting upon all the God has done and how He has provided. The enemy tried to rob us of the joy that God has given us, but God is bigger than that.