The Salon Training Center

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The king ·loves [L desires; longs for] your beauty.
Because he is your ·master [lord], you should ·obey [L bow yourself before] him. Psalm 45:11 (EXB)

We are preparing to start the hair cutting and styling classes in mid September. We have several of our clients who cannot wait to learn. At the Pregnancy Center we have about 130 clients in our program, and with the Dominican Republic being the 4th worst country in the world for human trafficking, these girls are at a high risk of being involved in the sex tourism that is such a wide spread problem throughout the country.

One of our goals is to train them in a trade where they don’t have to work the streets to feed their babies. The other goal is to teach them how precious they are to the Lord, their KING! Everyone of them is beautiful in His eyes and it is our desire to see each of them walk in that truth for the rest of their lives.

Here in the DR there isn’t a license for cosmetology, so you can just imagine…. there are A LOT of people cutting hair here who have no idea what they are doing. The funny thing is that women here may be poor, but they love to get their hair done! There is a huge need of trained professionals….

We Need Your Help!

We are still in need of some of the supplies to teach them this trade. We are asking stylist in the States and Canada to look through their supplies and if you have any shears, thinning shears, razors, hair dryers, flat irons, and any and all size curling irons that they don’t use any longer, WE NEED THEM! Our goal is to give each student a set of supplies once they graduate from the class. While I’m in the States in August, I will be collecting these items. If you have such items and would like to donate them to this cause, please email me at  or call me at 615-206-7017….

Don’t worry if the shears need sharpening, I am hoping to find someone to give me a deal to sharpen them…. I am still praying about that one…. You have to start somewhere!

For those of you who don’t cut hair: no worries… you can still help! Pass this blog along to your stylist and see if she/he can help!

Author: Tony and Melissa