Update on Franklin’s Adoption

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The past 6 months have been a whirl wind with all the adoption stuff. As I have posted in a previous post, we have had some changes in our adoption of Franklin. You can check out that post for the details. As for what has been happening over the last 3 months…..

Once we realized that we needed to partner with an adoption agency and that it would require us to come up with a lot more money, I will admit that I wasn’t sure it could be done. I can hear God now, “Oh you of little faith”! I still don’t know why I ever doubt. I want to be VERY CLEAR; GOD IS THE ONLY WAY THAT ALL THIS IS POSSIBLE! When I returned to the States, I knew I only had about 7 weeks to cut as much hair as I could. I also knew that there was no way I could cut $15,000 worth of hair in that amount of time. What I was forgetting about is that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He owns it all and is in control of all. In a very small amount of time, God brought in every dollar that we needed. Our goal was $15,000 and we raise every bit of it! Thanks to God and all those who gave very generously. It is always a beautiful sight to see the family of God come together.

It was also a great time to see friends and family. It made me realize how much I have missed Leslie. We had some great mom and daughter time…. but now back to the adoption…

Now that I am back to the DR, Tony and I are working hard to prepare all the paper work needed for the adoption. On November 5th a social worker will arrive here in the DR to do our home study. After that, we still have lots of paper work to complete as well as online education and lots of reading. Once we have all needed documents for our dossier, it will be sent to Haiti and then we wait until Haiti does their part. This could all take more than a year, so we would appreciate your prayers during this time. While we are working hard to complete all of this, we still have lots of work here in the DR to accomplish. To hear more about that, sign up for our newsletter to read all about the latest!

Thank you for your prayers and a special thanks to all who gave….

Author: Tony and Melissa